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On the razors edge is where you find yourself all to often in this life, and if your not sharp enough things can and usually do get messy and painful!

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Our Mission

When I think about how old some of the razors are that I’ve restored and brought back to life, I can’t help think about the lives they’ve been through and in the many generations they’ve seen.


If you think of how long a straight razor can last if you look after it properly you’ll understand what I mean, the razor you buy today could well be being used by you great, great, great grandson. So when he uses it he will have a link to his past that few people can say they have.


With a little bit of practice the results you’ll get with a straight razor are better than any multi bladed self lubricating vibrating all singing all dancing disposable razor, and when you think of how much you’d spend on disposable razors over your life a dam side cheaper too!




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You do not own a straight razor.

You are merely looking after it for future generations.