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On the razors edge is where you find yourself all to often in this life, and if your not sharp enough things can and usually do get messy and painful!

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A word or two from our customers

Firstly, I am not going to give Drew a recommendation. I am actually going to give Drew TWO recommendations.

1. As a customer:

Some time ago I was attracted to a very slim, delicate straight razor that Drew was selling on eBay with hand made walnut handle/scales and placed my successful bid. This is when I was first introduced to Drew. This razor is quite understated and brilliantly sharp, it will plough through a 5 day growth with ease and I have a very heavy beard. Very pleased with the straight razor and the high level of service and communications via eBay.


2. Recommendation as a restorer myself:

I have had a firm interest in restoring straight razors for some time now and understand fully the difficulties and technical skills needed to provide a service like Drew's.

It takes commitment, skill, intimate knowledge of metals to produce an edge that is truly "shave ready".

Drew offers a very bespoke service with 20 different exotic woods to choose from and custom made scales, I dare say Drew is capable of following any practical template of design.

Lastly, Drew has a great command over communications, he will advise you honestly and openly. If you are new to straight razors and want to learn more about the art of shaving, Drew is your source.

If you see one of Drew's straight razors and you like the design, just treat yourself as I did.

Graham Hawcroft


“I bought a supposedly shave ready straight razor form another vendor and well it just wasn’t, and unknown to me my brother in law had just bought a straight razor for the guy and when I compared the two I knew mine wasn’t up to the job! So not only did I send my razor to this guy to hone and he did a proper job as it came back ready and more than sharp enough to do the job but I’ve since bought another three razors from him, all of which are not only more than sharp enough for perpose but are in my opinion works of art too. I can recommend this guys razors or honing highly enough!” 

Paul Stevens



"Just a few lines on the blades I purchased, edges were honed to perfection, giving a smooth clean shave. The filly has become my new favourite razor. Would highly recommend your restoration and honing services to everyone."

Jim Sheehan



"When I got into straight razor shaving I sent my razors away to be honed by what I thought was top people. but they came back far from shave ready. so before I gave up on it I had one last throw of the dice and sent them to this man. WOW what a big difference they came back mega sharp pass the hanging air test no problem. This man is 10 out of 10. I would not even think about sending them anywhere else"

Nigel Baxter